Standards Map
Comparative analysis and review of private standards

Standards Map provides online access to ITC’s most detailed database on private standards and presents academic, scientific papers and research articles discussing private standards issues in global value chains.

Standards Map operates in a web-based interactive environment and enables comparisons of private standards requirements at various levels of analysis, from social and environmental general requirements to very detailed criteria and indicators on food safety issues, carbon emissions measures and specific requirements for labour rights and gender issues.

Standards Map covers private or “voluntary” standards: these standards are developed by non-governmental entities, including non-governmental organisations, industry associations and companies, among others. As such, compliance to these standards is not legally required by national governments or multilateral regulations as opposed to public standards and non-tariff measures.

Private standards included in Standards Map are applicable in over 180 countries and cover over 60 sectors and product groups.

The main strength of Standards Map is the ability to compare private standards’ requirements, scope and coverage, governance models and certification/verification mechanisms using a very user-friendly interactive tool that allows analyses by country, sector/product and by customized groups of standards.

Users can register here to access the tools free of charge.

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